The Pediatric Center at Garden Park Medical Center


Ad2, Inc. was tasked with the objective of reintroducing The Pediatric Center and its new physicians to the community and rebuilding the patient base after the majority of patients migrated to the previous physicians’ newly established private practice.



To achieve this objective, Ad2, Inc. developed a comprehensive marketing campaign that included a 30-second television spot and a visually appealing brochure, direct mail campaign, OOH, print and digital ads . The campaign aimed to engage and educate OB/GYN physicians, parents, and expectant mothers about The Pediatric Center’s exceptional services, amenities, and convenient location.


“It’s the Little Things That Matter” Ad2, Inc. created a captivating and informative :30 spot to showcase The Pediatric Center’s unique qualities.  The video effectively conveyed the center’s commitment to providing exceptional pediatric care. Through compelling visuals and concise messaging, the spot captured the attention and interest of the target audience; new and expecting mothers.

Print & Direct Mail: A Gateway to The Pediatric Center In addition to the video and digital ads, Ad2, Inc. designed an eye-catching  brochure that served as a complement to the digital and broadcast messages. The brochure provided detailed information about the pediatricians and The Pediatric Center at Garden Park;. The print campaign highlighted the center’s professional and caring physicians and the child friendly atmosphere of the clinic while emphasizing its dedication to delivering personalized care to families.

Distribution Strategy:

To maximize reach and impact, the brochures were made available at OB/GYN offices throughout the area for easy access by visitors. Ad2, Inc. also implemented a targeted direct mail campaign, ensuring that expectant mothers and prospective customers within the surrounding community received the brochure.  The digital campaigns targeted young families and newlyweds in the market. By reaching out to these specific audiences, the campaign aimed to generate interest and encourage potential customers to choose The Pediatric Center for their children’s healthcare needs.


 The marketing campaign executed by Ad2, Inc. successfully reintroduced The Pediatric Center at Garden Park to the community and played a significant role in rebuilding its customer base. By combining the persuasive power and informative nature of the media, Ad2, Inc. effectively engaged and educated the target audience about the exceptional services and convenient location offered by The Pediatric Center. As a result, the center experienced a surge in new patient registrations and regained its prominence as a trusted provider of pediatric care in the community, resulting in the need for an additional physician within the first month.


Through strategic planning and creative execution, Ad2, Inc. revitalized The Pediatric Center’s customer base by introducing the new pediatricians and promoting the center’s exceptional services. The components of the campaign worked synergistically to capture the attention and interest of the target audience, resulting in increased physician referrals, enhanced brand awareness and patient registrations. The success of this campaign demonstrates Ad2, Inc.’s ability to deliver effective marketing solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients in the healthcare industry.



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