Why do I need an agency?

agencypicWell, let’s look at the alternative: You could do it yourself. Besides, who knows your company, your products, your services better than you do? An agency isn’t limited to the resources and perspective of in-house marketing. A fresh perspective is not only a nice thing to have, but a necessity when marketing your organization. Often times, advertisers feel like they know what their customers think, but are surprised to hear the truths revealed by marketing research.


“Although you may feel like you know how to market your products and services, how are you going to do it? Where do you start? When do you start?”

Let’s say you know a graphic illustrator, and you can probably judge a press proof. Sure, you can probably write a clever script and even get the TV or radio station to produce a low-budget spot, but is the quality going to be there? Is your message going to be heard loud and clear? By the right people? Do you know how to reach your target demographic? Do you know who that is? You can probably negotiate a media buy, but do you know whether you’re getting the best reach, frequency and cost per point for your advertising dollars? When an advertising rep calls on you they usually have a bias opinion and will only represent their medium. طاولة اون لاين As an ad agency, we review all mediums and recommend the most effective your organization.

We pride ourselves in utilizing the most effective marketing campaigns to maximize our clients return on investment. That is what we are in the business to do, and we use our contacts and volume to each customer’s benefit.

Ad2 Advertising and Public Relations (more affectionately known as Ad2, Inc.) has emerged into the full-service marketing and PR firm we are today in response to the growing demands and needs of our customers. When we started more than 10 years ago, we helped open 90% of the casinos on the Coast today, and 98% of our business was from the gaming industry. As our client base developed, we were able to grow our repertoire of direct marketing methods. After years of diversifying to meet the needs of our expanded customer base, we have truly become something special in the field of marketing and to our customers.

So, what makes us so special? We truly engross ourselves in our customer’s business, learning it from their perspective and through the critical eyes of their customers. موقع قنوات بي اوت كيو We schedule regular client meetings to make sure that we are in the loop in even what some might consider to be trivial or non-relevant goings-on in the business. فيلم اجنبى قطار 777 A customer once told the rest of his board, “Your marketing firm is like your attorney, they got to know everything”. We frequently attend seminars and continue educating ourselves on advancing technology to ensure that we know what the marketing trends are and how we can best use them in each customer’s individual situation.

We truly partner with our customers, displaying unsurpassed loyalty and strong confidence in their products and services. Our belief in our client’s organization shows throughout our marketing campaigns.

So, you could do it all yourself, or you could hire us to do it for you? After all, if you don’t, your competition will…